A strong representation of Lublin’s music scene in the line-up of East of Culture – Different Sounds 2019

Hidden World, Synchrotrony, Pasażer and Vinylowi Gracze will perform at Different Sounds within the series Music IN which has been a permanent feature of East of Culture – Different Sounds for the past several years. Music IN is a space where selected bands from Lublin and the region, sometimes accompanied by invited guests, can present their newest material to the festival’s audiences. The bands will perform on a stage located in the patio of Workshops of Culture at Grodzka 7, in the very heart of Lublin’s Old Town. Admission to the concerts, just like to all events at Different Sounds, is free.

Synchrotrony is a recently established trio. They rely on free improvisation and sound explorations. The members are experienced instrumentalists, namely Krzysztof Topolski, well known to all experimental music fans as Arszyn, the double bassist Jacek Steinbrich, who is a member of such projects as TeChytrze or Mikroelementy and the saxophonist Maciej Rodakowski, who on a daily basis is part of the band Naczynia.
Another band is the Puławy-based Hidden World, set up by musicians known from such projects as Panacea, Kaldera or Black Tapes. Their style is a fusion of many different musical interests. Their foundation remains punk and hardcore, while individual songs drift towards other related genres of alternative music. Hidden World is signed with the label Antena Krzyku.

The third performer is Pasażer (lit. Passenger), very well known among Lublin’s audiences. The band describe their music as “Lublin’s renaissance”. In terms of style, it is an original fusion of, among others, new wave, hip-hop, alternative rock or electronic music, which produces a very fresh and interesting effect. The band use synthesisers but also guitars and “live” drums. Their lyrics try to present their everyday reality from the point of view of the eponymous passenger on an eternal journey.

This year’s iteration of Music IN will be complemented by Vinylowi Gracze’s special set. Vinylowi Gracze are a collective, or rather a community focused around  vinyl records and their sounds. Vinyl as a medium has been experiencing a genuine renaissance in recent years. It has made a big comeback to record stores. An increasing number of artists “burn” their music to the black discs and unique copies from the past are auctioned off for exorbitant prices. The unique selection for Different Sounds will be ensured by: Wuks, Słabi Prezenterzy (Sławomir Księżniak and Paweł Szalak) and Mateusz Borny.

Synchrotrony and Vinylowi Gracze will perform on Saturday, 29 June, whereas Pasażer and Hidden World will appear a day later, on 30 June 2019.