Indie Labels’ Fair

In Poland, like everywhere else, the independent music scene has been dynamically developing for many years. Dozens, even hundreds of small record labels and distributors, continue to release thousands of albums every year.  The albums are often produced in small quantities and range in style from punk rock to experimental elextronic music. Typically, these releases are unavailable at conventional record stores. You must search for them on the websites of the labels as well as various online retailers and distributors. Since the vast majority of the performers who have performed at the festival are signed with independent labels, the Indie Labels’ Fair is consistent with the concept of Different Sounds.

This year, independent labels from Poland will return to Lublin with their albums, cassettes and perhaps other media.
The previous editions of Indie Labels’ Fair attracted a lot of attention. Music fans can buy albums directly from the publishers, engage in discussions or check the latest independent releases.

 8–9.07 | 16.00–22.00 | Błonia near the Castle