Indie Labels’ Fair


In Poland, like everywhere else, the independent music scene has been developing for many years. Dozens, even hundreds of small record labels and distributors continue to release thousands of albums every year.  These releases tend to be varied in terms of genre and style (ranging from punk rock to electronic experimental music) and are usually limited editions that cannot be purchased in traditional record stores. You can only buy them via the labels’ websites and several on-line stores and distributors.  Independent labels have produced the great majority of musicians performing at East of Culture – Different Sounds.

This year, we have decided to organise Indie Labels’ Fair at our festival. The fair allows music enthusiasts to buy CDs, vinyl records, cassettes or DVDs from a wide range of independent Polish and foreign performers directly from publishing companies and independent distributors. The fair will include releases by Antena Krzyku, Bcore, Dayafter, Dischord, Dym Records, Editions Mego, Electric Eye, Glitterhouse, Gusstaff Records, Kilogram Records, Pionierska records, Nasze nagrania, Staubgold, Sub Rosa, Trost, Touch, Wet Music, Nikt Nic Nie Wie, Pasażer, Zima or Black Wednesday. Local publishing companies will also be represented.

July 2017 | 15:00-18:00 | Błonia