JAAA!, Resina, Duży Jack and Xenony – Different Sounds Zone Returns!

The July East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival is now nothing but a nice memory. However, we have good news for everyone seeking extraordinary music. This autumn, Different Sounds Zone returns to Workshops of Culture. We will meet: JAAA!, Resina, Duży Jack and Xenony – all concerts are free

Autumn programme

28 October 2016 (Friday), 20:00 –JAAA! gig

25 November 2016 (Friday), 20:00 – Resina’s gig

15 December 2016 (Thursday), 19:00 – Duży Jack and Xenony

Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, 5a Grodzka Street – Auditorium, 2nd floor
the event is free.


JAAA!- JAAA!’ s music can be defined as a trance flight to the land of imagination. Sounds are tools for building stories with emotion. In the time of singles and easy playlists, their conceptual album is a true gem for the fans of Thomas Yorke, Moderat or Atoms For Peace whose influence, according to many journalists is very discernible in the band’s work. The musicians themselves try to avoid any comparisons, letting the music speak for itself. “Remik” is an album that Marek Karolczyk, Kamil Pater and Miron Grzegorkiewicz have worked on for three years. It is a a nearly hour-long tale about a boy who escapes the real, dark world and creates his own, safer reality. In this self-made world, the alienated Remik is not lonely anymore. He has a friend and defender called Bujillo. Together, they are untouchable. Together, they journey across new worlds.

JAA’s concerts are also unforgettable. Every concert is different because the musicians improvise using different synthesizers and samples they have previously recorded, often outside studio (field recording). JAAA’s gigs are accompanied by unique, animations by Karolina Głusiec. Emotional music and the imagery inspired by it transport the public to an entirely different realm.

All musicians have been working in the business for years: Marek Karolczyk and Robert Piernikowski form Napszykłat, Kamil Pater was a member of Contemporary Noise Quartet, and Miron Grzegorkiewicz was a part of such projects as Daktari and How How .

Resina – Karolina Rec who performs under the stage name Resina is the first Polish musician to have ever signed, at the beginning of this year, a contract with the legendary British label FatCatRecords, and specifically with its post-classic branch, “130701″. For the past 10 years, Karolina has been associated with the Polish independent scene co-forming bands with such performers as Maciek Cieślak, Michał Biela or Natalia Fiedorczuk. Resina’s debut album was released on 30.09.2016. It is the result of experiments combining cello and simple electronic instruments. It means that sometimes the tracks are almost songs and sometimes they become more elaborate, intuitive impressions. What links all composition is the desire to learn and explore all non-obvious functions of the instrument.

Fat Cat Records is famous for discovering many important contemporary alternative artists (such as Animal Collective, Múm or Sigur Rós). Through calling to life the sublabel 130701 they became unofficial originators of the so-called post-classical trend in contemporary alternative/instrumental music. In July 2016, 130701 celebrated their 15th anniversary and to celebrate they released a unique compilation featuring all 11 (current and former) artists associated with the label. Aside from compositions by such masters of instrumental music as Max Richter or Johann Johannssson, it also featured Resina’s piece.

Duży Jack – the band was formed in 2011 for a gig featuring the covers of Starzy Singers and years later released an album with their own compositions, completely different music and a slightly changed line-up. The members are: Paweł „Bebech” Górski (Xenony) playing the baritone guitar and Tomasz Dubiel the drummer. These two were later joined by the guitarist Piotrek Bukowki (Xenony, Hokei) and the vocalist Łukasz Jędrzejczak (T’ien Lai, Alameda 5). Duży Jack is a Frankenstein-like band: each member draws inspiration from a different source. That’s why their new album “Uczucia” (released by Lado ABC) evokes many associations- starting from Shellac and NoMeansNo, through Refused and Dead Kennedys and Stereolab.

Xenony – the only band to combine synthesizer sounds with advanced knowledge about vectors and integrals in such an uncompromising way. They can be modern, they can be melancholy and they strive to be entertaining. And they are most definitely super cool.

After the excellent album “XE” released in 2014 (Lado ABC abc A/13, MA14), XENOMY has ventured on a different course. That course is space. On the tour in autumn, the band will present new tracks from the upcoming album „Polished Space Program” – that will have its premiere in spring 2017. Members: Bukowski (Hokei, Duży Jack) – synth, Koszniec Karol (Komora A) – synth, Bebech (Duży Jack) – synth.

Different Sounds Zone is a year-round cycle of concerts featuring original performers, most interesting independent record labels and a variety of musical genres and their arresting combinations. This cycle is a continuation of the summer festival East of Culture- Different Sounds. and allows us to abandon musical routine and experience new sounds. In December 2015 DSZ partnered with the Kaiser Söze Foundation