Jakub Skorupa | POL


Jakub Skorupa - a vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist from Silesia. He loves fusing various musical styles. Despite his youth, he has ample experiences to draw from and incorporates them into his music. He poured beer at mining feasts, sold cars, produced corporate films, and wrote a theatre play called “Życie męczy”. In early 2021, he released the song „Pociągi Towarowe,” which quickly earned him recognition as the rising star of Polish music. He placed third in Gazeta Wyborcza’s 2021 Sanki contest and went on tour before the release of his first album, „Zeszyt pierwszy,” which was met with critical acclaim. Jakub Skorupa describes himself as an observer of reality who expresses what he sees and feels. His music is a melancholic blend of rap narration and alternative sounds.

9 July, 22.00-23.15 | Festival Tent