Joan and the voices – Armenian cinema


2011, runtime: 67’, dir. Mikayel Vatinyan

Post-war Armenia. The film tells the story of Joanna, a young woman who, in order to deal with a personal crisis, leaves her family, friends and embarks on a journey across the country. Her new job involves talking to people and collecting statistical data. Through these interviews, called „voices” in the movie, the heroine wishes to see the world anew and to find her own „voice”.

During one of her journeys she meets a deserter who hides in an abandoned village. Joanna falls in love with him and is ready enter a relationship. But Joanna’s destiny is to lose this fascinating stranger in a sudden and unexpected manner – in the same way she found him.

Mikayel Vatinyan – a director born in 1972 in Yerevan, Armenia. He studied directing at the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. His animated short film „Bojo” won several awards. „Zhannan ev dzajner”, his first feature film, won the Goteborg IFF Fund Award as well as a grant for development and post-production. The film had its world premiere at the International Film Festival in Busan, South Korea.