Keychange | How to create an inclusive and sustainable environment in the music industry

7 July 10.00-13.00 | CREATIVE LABS KEYCHANGE | „How to create an inclusive and sustainable environment in the music industry: best practices worth knowing.” – Manifesto Sessions workshops | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – auditorium, 2nd floor

Keychange event

Since 2021, Different Sounds has been partnering with Keychange, an international organisation that promotes gender equality in the music industry and supports underrepresented female artists and professionals (referred to as innovators in the programme). Keychange encourages organisations and festivals to commit to gender equality and organises workshops and discussions – Manifesto Sessions- to find solutions for the music industry.

The first Manifesto Sessions in Poland took place during Different Sounds 2022. These sessions consisted of Design Thinking workshops where an international group of female musicians, journalists, and industry activists collectively developed ideas and concepts to create a sustainable music industry in Poland. The workshops focused on creating equal opportunities for all genders in the music industry, in response to the main question : „What is the way to sustainable music industry in Poland?”

The workshops in Lublin initiated an industry-wide discussion on gender balance and inclusivity in the Polish music industry. Another workshop with the same theme was conducted during #Cultureonlive conference in September 2022. The goal was to design a path for environmental and social change in the music industry that meets international inclusivity standards.

This year, Different Sounds will continue working with artists and innovators from the Keychange network. The workshops will be led by Ula Buyuly from Artist in Bloom and Misia Furtak, a Polish artist and participant of the Keychange 2022 development programme. Artist in Bloom is a studio that provides professional support to artists and cultural workers, helping them develop their skills, create career paths, and build relationships within the creative community. The studio offers educational activities (workshops, programmes, mentoring schemes), individual development processes based on certified methodologies of the International Coaching Federation, and customised support for cultural institutions to adapt to changing realities.