Konstanty Usenko and his book “Wykresy fal środkowej Wołgi” | panel discussion

Moderator: Jędrzej Słodkowski

The Volga – an enigmatic blue route of unhurried traffic. It runs from wooden Orthodox churches through meandering mosquito swamps, Russian cities and towns, sacred forests and the ancient area of the Volga Bulgaria to white chalk buildings, cliffs and gorges, decayed harbours and huge Soviet hydroelectric power plants. Tatar huts and apiaries pepper one shore, while developer apartment blocks loom on the other. Kazan, Samara, Yoshkar-Ola, Naberezhnye Chelny…This is where Europe ends, and dozens of cultures, histories and beliefs mix in the Volga melting pot.


Konstantyn Usenko, with roots in Kozmodemyansk in the autonomous Republic of Mari El, takes us on a journey to the peripheries of Europe, never abandoning his musical fascinations. The rhythm of our march is set by ancient pentatonic melodies mixed with Soviet electronic industrial sounds, and the magical journey to the roots goes on in the atmosphere of a daydream.


„Wykresy fal środkowej Wołgi” is a bold example of punk ethnography and a statement of faith from a new wave musician trying to piece together his nomadic identity.


(source: Wydawnictwo Czarne)


Free admission

27.06.2021 | 15.00–16.00 | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio