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Lauda - photoLauda is a musical project created by Błażej Król and his wife Iwona. Material recorded on their album “Gennin” was produced among the rush of daily life and constitutes an attempt to musically depict  the place where the couple have been living for a few years: a small village called Jenin located just a few kilometres away from Gorzów Wlkp. Listeners who know Błażej Krol only from his UL/KR days or his newer solo projects may be in for a surprise, unless they are familiar with his project Dwutysięczny (Two-thousandth) and the album “Jedynak” (Only Child). The pair’s music is clearly influenced by early Aphex Twin and Demdlike Stare.

Lauda will release their debut album at the beginning of February. The album will be published by Latarnia Records. For the remainder of the month the  duo will promote their  album at concerts in selected cities.

When: 25 February 2016, 19:00

Where: Warsztaty Kultury (Workshops of Culture), ul. Grodzka 5a, Lublin.

Tickerts: 10 PLN – available from 8 February 2016, at Workshops of Culture, ul. Grodzka 5a, 1st Floor,  Monday- Friday 10:00-16:30. Tickets can also be purchased an hour before the concert or ONLINE on our website.

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Different Sounds Zone is a cycle of concerts featuring original performers, most interesting independent record labels and a variety of musical genres and their arresting combinations. This cycle is a continuation of the summer festival East of Culture- Different Sounds. and allows us to abandon musical routine and experience new sounds. In December 2015 DSZ partnered with the Kaiser Söze Foundartion.