Lech Janerka

One of the most important figures in Polish alternative music of the last 40 years. A vocalist, bassist and songwriter. In 1979, he set up the legendary band Klaus Mitffoch. In the 1980s they recorded an album under the same title. The album featured some of the most significant songs in the history of Polish rock music, such as “Ewolucja, rewolucja i ja” or  “Strzeż się tych miejsc”,  and nowadays many critics believe that  Janerka’s visionary new wave project was ahead of its time. After leaving the band, the artist focused on his solo career and under his own name released another breakthrough album – the famous “Historia podwodna”. It brought even more hits, including “Konstytucja”, “Ta zabawa nie jest dla dziewczynek” or “Niewola”.  On top of that, it involved a lot of exploration of sounds and form  and the characteristic sound of the cellos that Bożena Janerka continues to play until today. Aside from Lech and Bożena Janerka, the band’s line-up at the time included the guitarist Krzysztof Pociecha and the drummer Janusz Rołt, known from such projects as Brygada Kryzys or Armia. Over time, Lecha Janerka recorded more original albums, gathering a number of awards along the way, including the “Fryderyk” award for the album “Fiu fiu” or the song of the year award for “Rower”. His return to Lublin will be an excellent opportunity for both older fans and younger audiences of Different Sounds to hear a legend live