The full programme of the festival in UKR and POL



10:00 - “Pawsome Posters” – exhibition of Dominika Czerniak-Chojnacka’s posters10:00 - “The Glass Plate Legacy” – Exhibition Commemorating Leopoldyna and Edward Janusz10:00 - Wschodni Express | Book Launch: Lena Kudaieva, Polina Pogonceva, Oskana Savchenko, ”Insekt”, transl. Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun11:00 - Little Different Sounds: Music & Art | Talking Heads11:00 - Little Different Sounds: Listening to Music – A tale of Stringed Instruments11:00 - Keychange | Workshops on the accessibility of music events for people with disabilities12:00 - Wschodni Express | Nightfall Shrouds the Morning Glow – a performative reading13:15 - Keychange | Meeting and Story of Karolina Czarnecka – Polish Ambassador of Keychange14:00 - Festival Store14:00 - Film: “Songs about Love”, dir. Tomasz Habowski, POL, 90 min14:00 - Foodtruck Zone14:00 - Little Different Sounds: The Musical Playground: Let the music play and your imagination sway!14:00 - Discussion: „Cities of Music. Cities of Youth” – the role of music in building creative cities of the future14:00 - „United for victory” – an auction for Ukraine15:00 - Wschodni Express: exhibiton of authors and the covers of their books16:00 - Wschód Kultury Debates | „My Generation” – a discussion on the generational dimension of music16:00 - Wschodni Express | Book launch: Kristiina Ehin „Planeta pożeraczy serc”, translated by Marta Perlikiewicz16:00 - Indie Labels’ Fair18:00 - ta Ukrainka | POL18:00 - Agata Karczewska | POL 19:15 - Nuha Ruby Ra  | GBR20:30 - To Rococo Rot | DEU22:00 - Ladytron | GBR23:30 - Monoconda | UKRAll day - Little Different Sounds: Loop Lublin – record a banger with what you already have & make a music video!All day - Sofia Yablonska – photography exhibition