Little Different Sounds: A Family Soundwalk


A Family Soundwalk | Instructor: Marcin Dymiter (emiter) | for ages 6-9  with guardians

7 July 2017,  16:00-17:30 | Festival Club, Lublin Castle Błonia

 Listening is a process that is constantly happening. Basing on this assumption, Raymond Murray Schafer prepared a series of exercises that “clean the ears”. The basic exercise is a walk. A walk allows us to begin a sonic “adventure”, a reflection in sound, its quality and influence on us. The soundwalk should take place after the routes for soundwalks have been expertly designed. Going on walks in different places, in various times of day and in various weather conditions lets us differentiate various soundscapes. Soundwalks begin from listening to our own bodies while we move. This initiates the dialogue between the person walking and the environment.  After the walk ends, it is essential to evaluate the soundscapes. We should, among others, distinguish pleasant sounds and unpleasant sounds, “absent” sounds and artificial sounds that modify natural soundscapes.

Instructor: Marcin (emiter) Dymiter

Electronic and improvised music are his specialities. He creates sound installations, audio dramas, film scores and music for stage plays, exhibitions and public spaces. He performs music for silent films and conducts workshops and activities focusing on field recording. He is an author of sound maps, a series of CDs “Pocztówki Dźwiękowe” (Eng. Sonic Postcards) and the project Field Notes as well as Tracklist – an educational music series. The co-creator of Instytut Pejzażu Dźwiękowego (Soundscape Institute). He worked with visual artists and dancers, including Anna Baugmart, Joanna Rajkowska, Anna Witkowska, Ludomir Franczak, Risa Takita, the poet Marcin Świetlicki and the writer Daniel Odija. He takes part in the projects: niski szum, emiter_franczak audio video performance, Flora Quartet, BAZA. Music producer. Along with Ludomir Franczak, he runs and curates the festival mikro_makro and other sound projects. A participant of music workshops in Poland and abroad (among others, Le Quan Ninha, Andrew Sharpley, John Butcher, Robin Minard). A fellow of Art University in Berlin, the finalist of Netmage International Multimedia Festival contest in Bologna. A recipient of the scholarship of Pomeranian Voivodeshipship and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2011) and the Visegrad Foundation (2012). A member of the Polish Association of Electroacoustic Music and co-creator of  Instytut Pejzaży Dźwiękowego (Soundscape Institute)