Little Different Sounds: Bum Da Pipe – Orchestra


During these workshops, the participants will learn the basic elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony) by playing light, colourful and accurately tuned pipes. To play, we will hit them against any surface (such as a bench, a chair, a table, your knee or your palm). The pipes can also serve as sticks for xylophones. A wide range of sets (diatonic, chromatic, bass) and extra accessories allow the instrument to be extended depending on proficiency level and requirements of the composition. Bum pipes are perfect for inventing new forms of play and group play as well as for learning to play together. The possibilities are endless and bum pipes offer sonic inspiration.

for ages 11-18
7 July 2017, 16:00-18:00 | Festival Club, Lublin Castle Błonia
8 July 2017,  13:30-15:30 | Festival Club, Lublin Castle Błonia

for ages 5-10
8 July 2017,  11:00-13:00 |Festival Club, Lublin Castle Błonia
9 July 2017,  11:00-13:00 | Festival Club, Lublin Castle Błonia