Little Different Sounds: Make a clip!

The participants will make a video clip to accompany the song recorded with CeZik. The group, under the supervision of the director, will work on the entire project: theme, execution, the selection of shots and editing. The participants will be trained in using equipment (GoPro camera, filming drones), learn the basics of filming as well as the rules and techniques of editing. The main idea is to approach the chosen theme in an unconventional way , draw out the creative potential of the participants and leave most of the decisions and actions in their hands. Young filmmakers will become responsible creators, and not simply followers of someone else’s vision and orders.
27–28.06 | 11.00–14.00 | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7

Registration required. For ages: 7-12

Song and video clip launch: 30.06 | 16:30–18:00 | Festival Club