Little Different Sounds: Music toolbox: How to talk about music? The eighth element, or texture

Elements of a musical work may sound quite serious and seem complicated. Still, these are simply components used in composing a piece or writing a song. To make a soup, we need water, fire, vegetables, spices, rice or noodles…we can mix them all and make a creamy soup or leave bigger chunks, etc. And to compose a song, we need melody, rhythm, tempo, dynamics which is the variation in loudness between notes or phrases, harmony, colouration, articulation, which determines how a single note or other discrete event is sounded and TEXTURE. During the workshop, we will introduce and test all elements, but we will focus on TEXTURE. It’s the 8th element that often gets overlooked. We will explore how to combine sound, colour, movement and texture. We will use various materials to sew costumes we will have designed. In the end, we will dance in our costumes to the music of our own composition.  We will record it as short video clips.

When: 24-27 June, Thursday – 16.00, Friday – Sunday, 12.00

Where: medialab, Grodzka 5a

Age group: 6-12

Registration: the event is free, the number of places is limited; register via the online form.

”Let’s play!” music workshops are carried out by Fundacja Kultura Enter. The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund and by the City of Lublin.