Little Different Sounds – children’s workshop


A series of workshops focusing on various themes associated with sound. All of them are practical and aim at fostering the creative potential of children and young people. We have created the programme of the workshops with the intention of developing creative attitudes and thinking, through enabling contact with artists and musicians. The greatest values of the events are fostering dialogue and an openness to the actual needs of the participants. The workshops will allow children to discover their creative potential in an atmosphere of fun. The Little Different Sounds will include musical workshops such as “Let’s play!”.         


  • Loop Lublin – with the Miąższ band! – 23-26 June
    Miąższ is a crazy and energetic band specialising in original compositions and extravagant lyrics. Joanna Ewa Zawłocka, Sebastian Pikula and Krzysztof Karol Gadzało are as comfortable with quoting Beata Kozidrak (they come from the same city) as with rising the questions about the role of artists and art in the modern world. Miąższ has played more than 350 concerts during 6 years of its existence and has performed almost everywhere: at street squares and on major Polish festivals. They have won the Fama competition in 2010 and managed to infect almost the entire country with their uncompromising sense of humour, familiar melodies and truthful lyrics. Wherever they perform, the audience always sings with them. A year after they debuted with their first album they have released their second record. They use vocals, contrabass, guitar, accordion, melodica and the saw as their main instruments. They combine acoustic folk, blues, jazz and reggae, often within a single song. They create an approachable music which is easy to listen to – and they are proud of it.

Instructors: the musicians of Miąższ

  • Make a video clip – 8-10 July, 11.00
    We invite all music video enthusiasts to create a video clip with us. The participants will work with an experienced director on a project: on its subject, execution and editing. They will learn about the equipment, the basics of filming and the rules and techniques of editing. It will be a unique opportunity to create a music video to one of the songs by Miąższ.

Instructor: Anna Maliszewska

  • You and Me Myself and I  – 10-12 lipca, 11.00
    A workshop with the band Me Myself and I. The young participants will learn about singing – its physical and psychological aspects. They will try to use their voices as instruments, to sing a capella and with a microphone. They will learn the secrets of live voice processing and singing in a group with leaders. The workshop will be concluded by a joint performance during the band’s concert.

Instructors: Magdalena Piasecka and Michał Majeran


  • Hand Made – 9-12 July, 11.00
    Constructing your own musical instrument is a real challenge. During the Different Sounds Festival you will be able to make one with the help of professionals. Young participants will learn about instruments and will construct their own out of available materials, they will also learn about the methods of amplifying even the faintest sounds.

Instructor: Paweł Romańczuk


  • One Man Music Multi Show – 9-12 July, 11.00, 14.00
    Almost everyone owns a cell phone, but not everyone has a custom made ringtone. During the workshop we will try to record such signals and create jingles which will be later used during the projection of the Miąższ music video. The workshop will be an opportunity for creative experimentation and great fun.

Instructor: Marcin Steczkowski


  • Drum’n Dreams – 9-12 July, 12.00, 15.00
    Percussion workshops during which participants will be learn how to create hand-made drums, happy drums and rainsticks. The workshops will result in the creation of improvised pieces. The meeting will thus also be a mini-concert.

Instructor: Tomasz Bozdek


  • The Greatest Drum in the World – 9-12 July, 13.00
    We invite all the participants of the Different Sounds Festival to play on a drum that is… 10 meters wide! As much as 150 people can play the instrument at once. You do not have to register for the workshop!

Instructors: Ryszard Bazarnik and Iza Kowalewska


  • Little Different Sounds – FINALE: the concert of Me Myself and I – 12 July, 16:00
    Me Myself and I – a Polish duet created in 2006 in Wrocław.  The duo, Magdalena Pasierska and Michał Majeran, are often accompanied by guest musicians who perform human beatbox during their concerts and recordings. The band creates electronic music which mixes jazz with elements of other musical genres. The musicians describe their style as voice controlled music. During the Different Sounds Festival the duo is going to perform together with the participants of their vocal workshops.

Instructors: Magdalena Pasierska and Michał Majeran