Ukrainian cinema – documentary films – Living Fire


Living Fire – dir. Ostap Kostiuk, 2015, runtime: 77 min

An artistic documentary  about the life and work of shepherds in the Ukrainian Carpathians that depicts the charm of a profession passed down from generation to generation.  Against the backdrop of social changes, such as getting rich and growing consumerism, we see people who love tradition and the history of the Hutsul Land.  The protagonists of the documentary film are simple men, representing three generations of Hutsuls: young Ivanko who is starting his formal education in a boarding school, adult Vasyl in the prime of his life and lonely, widowed Ivan who is waiting for death.  With the arrival of Spring, all three of them will head to the mountains following their shepherd’s calling.  For four months they will be accompanied by the living, unfading fire lit up  in accordance with the Hutsul custom.  The documentary is the result of many years of research and observation  and a recording of a four-year-long journey  the film crew went on with the shepherds. It depicts a harmonious world that most of us have abandoned in the name of comfort. Kostiuk’s debut film transports us to a world of magic,  misty mountains, and sparks of living fire.

When: 10th of July 2016, at 15:00

Where: Workshops of Culture, 5a Grodzka Street