Lubomyr Melnyk | UKR

The Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk is undeniably one of the most exciting contemporary piano virtuosos, a visionary seamlessly blending the worlds of classical and avant-garde music. Recognised as one of the most distinguished musicians and composers of our time, he has essentially created a new, original  way of playing and using the instrument. On the one hand, this method relies on technical proficiency and high skills, and on the other hand, upon a bold, innovative vision in terms of composition and the creative process. It is said that his piano technique requires elements of martial arts – Tai Chi and Kung Fu, and over the years, his „devotion to perfection” has transported the piano into entirely new dimensions, earning Melnyk the title of „Prophet” of the instrument. His versatility and style ensure that he is perfectly suited to live performances, both in the world’s finest concert halls and at outdoor festivals featuring ambitious music.