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Every year, an important part of East of Culture – Different Sounds is the presentation of a record label that stands out in the worldwide music market.

An important part of this year’s pandemic iteration of the festival East of Culture – Different Sounds is the presentation of Antena Krzyku – a record label established in 1984 by Arek Marczyński, that focuses on broadly defined independent music.

Over the course of the last 35 years, Antena has become an icon, gaining recognition and popularity in Poland and many countries around the world. Aside from releasing albums by several important Polish alternative music artists, Antena’s catalogue is also full of household names from Europe and North America,  emphasising international collaborations.  Antena Krzyku predominantly focuses on punk, post-punk, avant-garde, post-rock, electronic music, noise, and sometimes jazz.  In their long and rich history, the label also published their own magazine, organised concert tours and regularly started new music and cultural events. As part of the presentation of this exceptional label, we will be holding a meeting with its founders and associated artists, and present an exhibition featuring posters and album covers, as well as performances by  a wide range of artists signed with the label.

Javva – A band consisting of acclaimed musicians of Polish jazz and alternative scene who come from such bands as Contemporary Noise Sextet, Alameda, Duży Jack, Hokei, Something Like Elvis, Opla or Xenony. In Javva, the artists have taken on dance music in their own original way without cutting off their avant-garde roots. The effect is excellent and combines African and oriental rhythms with avant-rock, psychedelic music, or noise. Their debut album Balance of Day became one of last year’s music highlights in Poland.

1984 – Originating from Rzeszów, they are  legends of the new wave, enjoying a well-deserved status of an iconic band  in their genre. The group is fronted by one of its founders, the guitarist and lyric writer – Piotr “Mizerny” Liszcz. After years of turbulence and changes to the line-up, the band has never been in a better shape than now. Their concerts are energetic, gripping sets that bring to mind such performers as Swans or No Means No from their heyday. Even though some time has already passed since the band’s famous debut in Jarocin in 1985, the band continues to walk their own path and soon we will see  their next album, released by none other but Antena Krzyku.

Pochwalone – A female folk-punk band with a unique sound and feminist element in their lyrics. The shortest way to define them is fem-power-jazzy-punk discussing women and their issues. Pochwalone’s current members are: the bassist Małgorzata “Tekla” Tekiel (known from such bands as Będzie Dobrze or Pudelsi), the percussionist Dominika Korzeniecka and the vocalist Dominika “Nika” Domczyk, the front woman of such bands as R.U.T.A, Morus or Post Regiment. The artists draw inspiration both from traditional folk texts and contemporary poetry. In their words, “We reach for poems by contemporary poets and combine them with the lyrics of little known old songs performed by village women. We deconstruct popular traditional lyrics to combine them together again to give them new meanings. Rebellious lyrics and emotions pulsate under the hoarse layer of music: a combination of bass and percussion section and vocals.”

Trupa Trupa – A Gdańsk-based indie rock group that has taken international markets by storm and for years has been showing that Polish musicians can achieve international success. This success results from interesting, fresh and ambitious music and taking conscious, well thought-out  career steps.  Thanks to this, Trupa Trupa has toured half the world, performing at key music festivals, like SXSW, Primavera, and Iceland Airwaves and established a collaboration with Sub Pop Records or Glitterbeat Records. The band’s Polish publisher is Antena Krzyku.

Izzy and the Black Trees – Another gem released by Antena Krzyku and one of the more interesting young guitar bands in Poland. The band is fronted by Iza “Izzy” Rekowska – responsible, among others, for the band’s lyrics and sound which is based on the classic rock instrument set (guitar, bass, drums).  The band’s stylistic inspirations include Patti Smith, PJ Harvey or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but they also send us towards such genres as punk, American or noise. “Trust no one” is a fresh, feisty and energetic album, a perfect fit for Antena Krzyku’s catalogue and proof that Izzy and the Black trees have a dazzling future ahead of them.

Daniel Spaleniak – Daniel is one of the most interesting artists of the contemporary Polish music scene, eluding simple classifications. For the past several years, he has consistently and successfully followed his chosen path. He makes both illustrative and instrumental music and original songs somewhere near blues, folk or rock. Daniel Spaleniak has released four albums, all published by Antena Krzyku. Many fans also know him as the composer of excellent soundtracks and tracks used in TV series, Netflix, CBS, Hulu or TNT productions.


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