Different Sounds Art’n’Music Festival

The Festival presents the most intriguing and the most worthwhile phenomena situated on the crossroads of genres and cultures. We purposefully aim to find, book and produce a variety of acts representing world music, rock, jazz, reggae, electro and even classical music. What we are most fascinated by is the unexpected – the crossover of aesthetic traditions, stylistic conventions and cultural influences. Therefore, we pay most attention to the events’ originality, to their artistic integrity and to the memorability of the audience experience.

The rationale behind the Festival is to create a unique space in Lublin that would enable the residents and tourists alike to meet innovative and trendsetting artists. While programming the Festival we consider creativity and artistic merits to be the highest priorities motivating all the curatorial choices involved. The festival presents the most interesting Polish and international music.  An important group defining the Festival are Eastern European artists. We want to present the most interesting music of the highest artistic merit and setting trends in the culture of respective Eastern Partnership countries. As befits the name of the Festival, we  explore different sounds that the music markets of all the participating countries offer with a view to showcasing and highlighting everything that is the most exciting about music, rather than the most hyped acts. In principle, we strive to introduce Polish and European audiences to musical traditions and current endeavours of Eastern artists.

Line-up 20201: TBA 


Previous Editions

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