Little Different Sounds – children’s workshop

A series of various workshops united by the theme of sound. All of the workshops are practical in nature and focus on the development of the creative potential of children and teenagers. While programming the workshops, we aim to cultivate creative thinking and further the participants’ ingenuity, allowing them to participate in meetings with musicians for whom dialogue and openness to the real-life needs of the workshop attendees are of paramount importance. The workshops will enable the young participants to tap into their hidden creativity, bringing it to the surface.

Curator: Joanna Wawiórka – Kamieniecka

ArJa operowa to nadal ja – 10-13 July, 11.00, 14.00

Singing workshops revolving round the aria from Andrew Webber’s „Cats”. The workshop participants will be familiarised with the definition of musical and given a chance to hear the genre’s evergreens. During the course of the workshops, guided by their tutor, the participants will prepare one of the arias as a form of short full-on performance (with costumes, make-up and elements of scenography).

Hosted by Joanna Mania

Drum’n Dreams – 10-13 July, 11.00, 13.00, 15.00

Percussion workshops during which participants will be familiarised with the process of creating hand-made drums, happy drums and rainsticks. The workshops, construed as simultaneous drumming and cooperation, will result in the creation of improvised pieces. The second topic undertaken during the workshops will be drumming inspired by both culturally familiar and distant rhythms.

Hosted by Tomasz Bozdek

One Man Music Multi Show – 12-13 July, 11.00, 12.30, 14.00

DIY instruments workshops – primarily, hand-made percussion instruments, simple fifes and assorted stringed instruments. To create instruments, we will use odds and ends – anything you can find at home – bottles, TP rolls, etc. All the sounds made by the newly created instruments will be recorded, edited in music software, and used to make samples and the score to an animated film on sound.

Hosted by Marcin Steczkowski

DIY (Samoróbka) – homemade instruments workshop – 10-13 July, 11.00

DIY is not an uncommon concept to majority of Poles. It denotes a cheap non-professional version of an original or a one-off prototype. The DIY workshops tackle both these meanings:  discovering one’s own solutions with regard to experimental construction of musical instruments as well as non-professional activism, unbridled research-through-search that accepts unexpected successes and creative failure.

Hosted by Paweł Romańczuk

Sound. What do I do with it? – 10-13 July, 11.00, 14.00

The workshops cover basic issues regarding acoustics and electro-acoustics. The participants will learn how sounds work, what sounds depend on and see how they are analysed. What is more, using widely available objects and means, the participants will visualise sounds. Also, the equipment collected in the Musical Playground will be explained in detail.

Hosted by Maciej Połynko

Musical Playground – 10-13 July, 11.00 – 17.00 – square in front of the Andersen Theatre

The Musical Playground contains specially created experiment-ready objects that will allow you to experience sound in an unusual way. This is a chance for you to abandon stereotypical thinking about what constitutes a musical instrument.

  • Musical Pipeline – a construction made of PVC pipes, which allows children to play it by using hands, sticks and flip-flops.
  • Musical Table of Plenty – a rare opportunity to experience playing music using fruit or learn if water can also be an instrument
  • Musical Tree – a tree in whose vicinity fantastic Boom Boom Pipes grow. This is an installation containing simple instruments that are appropriate for the youngest of children.