Mental health in the music industry – a discussion

Although it is often said that music soothes the savage beast, the emotional cost of its creation and coping with the inherent instability, professional, creative, or judgmental pressures of the music industry are still topics that are too rarely addressed. If we add to this the time of pandemic isolation, the economic crisis and the war in Ukraine, it turns out that the topic of musicians’ mental health is becoming urgent.

The issue is not new, of course, but it typically comes up in public discussions only when we address issues like addiction, despair, or suicide as well as the consequences of not coping with the illness. Prevention efforts have slowed down significantly, mental illnesses continue to be viewed as shameful, and people who experience them are shunned by society.

Together with the invited guests, we will discuss how to effectively take care of ourselves, consider how the particularities of the profession affected artists in the past and what affects them today, if sensitivity is a gender issue, and what you can do when you notice a problem in your environment.

Host: Magda Chołyst ( Artist in Bloom studio)

Participants: Tomasz Lada (the author of the book “Zagrani na śmierć. Mroczne ścieżki polskiego undergroundu”), Misia Furtak ( composer, vocalist, bassist and producer), Łukasz Orzeszko (bassist for the band Sztylety), Maria Rzepecka (psychologist)

Polish language

9.07 | 12.00–13.15 | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio