Mikroelementy is a 9-piece orchestra formed in order to provide healing with sounds. The band is a musical organism based on meditative trance, which provides the shared element for musicians derived from completely different musical worlds. Their openness towards the energy of other members and a tendency to improvise spontaneously are the foundations of the music they make. The artists that provide this band with inspiration (and material to reinterpret) include such names as; John Coltrane, Fela Kuti or Don Cherry. The band consists of a collage of personalities: the most experienced band members – the Polish drumming icon – Jerzy “Słoma” Słomiński and the double bassist Karol “Kolor” Gadzało joined forces with musicians associated with Lublin’s alternative music scene – Maciek Połynko, Łukasz Prokop, Łukasz Gładysz, Lidia Szpulka and Tadeusz Cieślak (known from such bands as Sekta Denta, Joseph Wieniawski Sextet, Betanjehu, Piołun or Techytrze) and well-established musicians in the brass section: Marcin “Kabat” Kowalczuk and Piotrek “Maupa” Golębiewski known, among others, from the legendary band “Skubańce”.