Move East Movie: Crystal Swan

4 September 2020 | 20.00-21.35 | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 7 – patio

dir. Darya Zhuk

BLR / RUS / USA / DEU 2018
90 min.

Belarusian submission for an Oscar in the category Best International Feature Film. This electrifying debut focuses on Velya – a young Belarusia woman who wants to emigrate to the USA and become a DJ. In order to get the US visa, she lies that she works in a small-town crystal factory. .Because of a typo in the forged certificate of employment, Vela is forced to spend a week in the small backwater factory town in order not to lose the chance for her “American dream”. “Crystal Swan” is a story of the Belrusian rave culture of the 1990s, and about a country whose people are looking forward to a better future and where the concepts of one’s own identity and belonging have not yet been defined.