Move East Movie – Eastern Business


Please note! In case of adverse weather conditions, all evening screenings will be moved inside the building of the former Andersen Theatre

Eastern Business / Afacerea Est – dir. Igor Cobileanski, Romania / Lithuania / Moldova, 2016, 87 mins.

Eastern Business is a black comedy full of humour and absurd situations. The film tells the story of a highly unlikely friendship of two Moldovans: Marian, a 45-year-old choir singer and Petro, a 40-year-old burglar. In the face of poverty and lack of perspectives, both men begin a tiresome journey in an attempt to get money to fulfil their respective dreams.  They don’t have much luck but even so, they don’t lose optimism and try various things in order to earn a living.

Eastern Business is a charming tragicomedy showing that life tends to be full of sarcasm and absurd.

 8 July 2017, 22:00 | The Dominican Monastery – Courtyard


Moldovan cinematography, deprived of government funding, is completely isolated nowadays. In 2010, Moldavian Ministry of Culture initiated a project aiming at establishing a film centre to manage the entire movie sector and adapt its structure to international models. The project also helps independent films studios obtain financial support from the state. Despite many changes that happened over the last 20 years, Moldavian filmmakers do not travel and do not have contact with filmmakers from other countries and the activities of those who could change things are considered too radical and that is why the government prefers to keep postponing any reforms. In free Moldova, cinema has not yet become a particularly significant area of artistic creativity, which explains why independent productions in Moldova are only a few and far between. This country also has the second lowest rate of cinema attendance.

As part of Move East Movie cycle, we are presenting a selection of the most interesting films that have been produced in Moldova in recent years, in spite of all the difficulties. Due to the precarious financial situation, these are often international co-production.