Move East Movie: Made in BY


Made in BY - dir. Luigi Milardi, Italy / Belarus, 2015, 52 mins.

“Made in BY” is not a documentary in which we will see political prisoners, repressed members of opposition or protests that are violently quelled. In turn, we will meet Belarus artists who have decided to keep working even in conditions that are best compared to a well-oiled fear machine.  Unlike an increasing number of young people,  they opted not to emigrate.  The protagonists of  “Made in BY” do not agree to the “theatre of the absurd” roles that are assigned to them. Belarusian artists do, however, divide into those who accepted those roles, taking part in the approved official cultural and artistic life of the country and those who chose independent, no matter the price they have to pay. Losing a job at the university for placing a few colourful cubes in the urban space is just one of many examples. There is no third route in this “theatre”. “Made in BY” is a fresh perspective on Belarus from the point of view of people choosing art as a weapon for fighting for independence that others stopped even dreaming about.

8 July 2017, 15:00 | former Andersen Theatre, Dominikańska 1


Even though Belarus is a neighbour, it is very little known or understood. The further to the west we move, the more this knowledge is fragmented and encumbered with stereotypes. That is why, in a Belarus-centred documentary film series, we will look at the country from several different perspectives. Our protagonists and guides around modern Belarus will be both young cultural creators who have not decided to emigrate and continue living in their homeland despite the hostility of the authorities, as well as representatives of the opposition many of whom work from abroad out of fear of being arrested. Finally, we will also meet the members of the Belarus Free Theatre  The films are also the voices of the artists who use their art to fight with the system, trying to change their reality, believing in artistic means of expression and its impact on society.