Move East Movie: Miracle

dir. Egle Vertelyte, LTU  2017, 91 min.

The turn of the 1990s is  a time of political transformations and the fall of communist systems in many European countries. In 1992, capitalism began to emerge in Lithuania, bringing a colossal change and a challenge for the entire community. Irena, the main protagonist owns a pig farm. The new era brings with it the danger of immediate bankruptcy when all of a sudden Irena gets unexpected help from a mysterious American called Bernardas. He claims the farm used to belong to his family and today he wants to save it.  At first, everything goes smoothly but over time Irena begins to doubt him.

Egle Vertelyte – born in Šiauliai. She studied history at Vilnius University, film production at European Film College and scriptwriting at National Film and Television School in the UK. She has made the short films “Robomax” (2013) and “Romantic delusions of the bird” (2014) and directed the documentary “UB Lama” (2011). “Miracle” (2017) is her first feature film.

27.06 | 17.00 | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – 2nd floor, auditorium

*original audio, Polish subtitles*