Move East Movie presents movies from Moldova and Belarus at Different Sounds 2017


Eastern European cinema has been awakening from the post-communist lethargy, boldly offering interesting alternatives to western European, Asian or American cinema. It brings fresh quality but also reveals new perspectives on the problems of contemporary world, the perception of borders or daily life. The cinematic take on our Eastern neighbours, especially countries of the Caucasus or Moldova, provides knowledge on the culture of those regions that still remains little known to an average European. When we initiated “Move East Movie” cycle in 2014, we wanted to awaken the awareness of cinephiles and show the everyday lives of the residents of Eastern Partnership countries as well as the interests of film circles in those countries. We want to present the most recent productions that give the most up-to-date image of the countries and give an idea about the condition of cinema in each of them.


The fourth stop on our cinematic journey is Moldova that will be the focus of our five-day-long series of outdoor screenings. This year, we will once again present a series of documentary films. This time, they will be focused on contemporary Belarus.


Moldovan cinematography, deprived of government funding, is completely isolated nowadays. In 2010, Moldavian Ministry of Culture initiated a project aiming at establishing a film centre to manage the entire movie sector and adapt its structure to international models.  Thethe-unsaved-1 project also helps independent films studios obtain financial support from the state. Despite many changes that happened over the last 20 years, Moldavian filmmakers do not travel and do not have contact with filmmakers from other countries and the activities of those who could change things are considered too radical and that is why the government prefers to keep postponing any reforms. In free Moldova, cinema has not yet become a particularly significant area of artistic creativity, which explains why independent productions in Moldova are only a few and far between.  This country also has the second lowest rate of cinema attendance.

As part of Move East Movie cycle, we are presenting a selection of the most interesting films that have been produced in Moldova in recent years, in spite of all the difficulties. Due to the precarious financial situation, these are often international co-productions.


Bee Moldovan - dir. Sergiu Cumatrenco Junior, Valeriu Shova, Moldova, 2010, 57 mins - 5 July 2017,  22:00
Anishoara - dir. Ana Felicia Scutelnicu, Germany / Moldova, 2016, 106 mins - 6 July 2017,  22:00
What a Wonderful World / Ce lume minunata - dir. Anatol Durbala, Moldova, 2014, 73 mins - 7 July 2017, 22:00
Eastern Business / Afacerea Est - dir. Igor Cobileanski, Romania / Lithuania / Moldova, 2016, 87 mins - 8 July 2017, 22:00
The Unsaved / La limita de jos a cerului - dir. Igor Cobileanski, Moldova / Romania, 2013, 80 mins - 9 July 2017,  22:00



Made-in-BYEven though Belarus is a neighbour, it is very little known or understood. The further to the west we move, the more this knowledge is fragmented and encumbered with stereotypes. That is why, in a Belarus-centred documentary film series, we will look at the country from several different perspectives. Our protagonists and guides around modern Belarus will be both young cultural creators who have not decided to emigrate and continue living in their homeland despite the hostility of the authorities, as well as representatives of the opposition many of whom work from abroad out of fear of being arrested. Finally, we will also meet the members of the Belarus Free Theatre  The films are also the voices of the artists who use their art to fight with the system, trying to change their reality, believing in artistic means of expression and its impact on society.


Dangerous Acts: Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus – dir. Madeleine Sackle, USA / Great Britain/ Belarus, 2013, 76 mins - 6 July 2017,  17:00
Perekrestok - dir Anastasiya Miroshnichenko, Belarus 2014, 65 mins - 7 July 2017,  15:00
 Made in BY - dir. Luigi Milardi, Italy / Belarus, 2015, 52 mins - 8 July 2017,  15:00
Under the Hood - dir. Mark Byrne and Rob Dennis,  Ireland/ Lithuania/Belarus, 2013, 75 mins - 9 July 2017,  15:00


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