Mulatu Astatke


Mulatu Astatke is one of the greatest masters and propagators of African music. Born in Ethiopia, this multi-talented composer, vibraphone master and multi-instrumentalist (skilled at playing the percussion instruments, keyboard instruments and string instruments) gained cult status over time. His albums, especially the ones he recorded with Heliocentrics are absolute classics of world music. In the 1970s, the musician showed the world a new original music style known as Ethio jazz, thanks to which his country began to be seen as a place of authentic source music.  Aside from playing concerts and studio recording, he is also active in music theory and reconstructing traditional instruments that he was involved in at Harvard University.

Today his work inspires many artists and the songs of Multau Astatke are sampled by such famous hip hop stars as Nas, Damian Marley, Kanye West, Cut Chemist or K’naan. The artist also conquered the hearts of cinema lovers, recording seven tracks for Jim Jarmusch’s film “Broken Flowers”. The concert of this living legend of ethnic music will undoubtedly be a big deal for his fans, but it will also be an astonishing discovery for younger audiences.

8 July 2017, 21:00 | The Błonia Stage