MUSIC IN: presentation of Lublin’s music scene

8 July- 16:00-17:30 | 9 July - 16:00-18:15

The series of educational workshops MUSIC IN is accompanied by a presentation of new trends in Lublin’s music in the form of concerts on the patio of Próba Café.

It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the variety of Lublin’s music, encompassing many different genres. This year, we are showing collectives associated with the Lublin-based movement NO WAY – focused around Dom Słów – SFTW (Songs from the womb) and HUBBUb, a young songwriter who is just beginning his career, Daniel Koszyk (this time in a joint project with Karol Gadzało), the clarinetist and vocalist about to release her debut album – Weronika Boczek and the indie rock band The Underground Man who’s popularity is increasing also outside Lublin.
8 July 2017, 16.00-17.30 | Próba Cafe – PATIO, Grodzka 5a
9 July 2017, 16.00-18:15 | Próba Cafe – PATIO,.
Grodzka 5a


8 July 2017 – the presentation of the Lublin-based NO WAY team.
NO WAY derives from  Kolewktyw Improwizatorski BTNJH (Supergrupa Betanjehu) associated with the label Centrum Badania Możliwości. NO Way’s mission is broadly understood exploration of audiovisual space and breaking the paradigm of  Lublin’s blue improvisation for the sake of noise and free jazz. They confront the experience of the participants on the level of free improvisation by free treatment of constituent elements (both musical and personal). So far, meetings, rehearsals, concerts and festivals have let to a number of recordings.  NO WAY also supports Kongres Aleatorystów – an independent festival of improvised music and a series of concerts  Dźwięki [Domu] Słów.

 16:00 – SFTW (Songs From The Womb)
A  surprising ffshoot of Supergrupa Betaniehu (2013-2016) focused on combining improvised songs, noise overproduction and hard ambient with instrumental dialogues with invited guests.

Members:  Daniel Michalski (vocals, guitar), Wiktoria Bryczkowska (trumpet), Maciej Pałka (trumpet), Człowiek z Maszyną (electronica), Panda (bass guitar), Karolina Głusiec (visualisations)

 16:45 – HUBBUB
The name of the band, derived from Irish war cries, means a disorienting noise of mixed sounds. The artists introduce chaos into a fossilised space, aiming at taming the chaos they create. It’s a musical Babel Tower and a quest for understanding, kept in the spirit of acoustic ambient.

Members: Wiktoria Bryczkowska (vocals, trumpets), Ola Szulimowska (percussion), Maciej Pałka (trumpet), Krzysztof Kolor Gadzało (double bass), Karolina Głusiec (visualisations)

9 July 2017

16:00 – Weronika Boczek with the band
A graduate of Karol Lipiński  2nd Degree Music High School in Lublin. Studies cultural management and media at the Jagiellonian University. She has been singing for as long as she can remember but she has started performing and writing her own songs relatively recently. She seeks inspiration in her surroundings. She considers music to be the best form of self-expression. Aside from music, she is interested in film and theatre- she gained experience in these areas while working on such festivals as theatre confrontations and Netia OFF Camera. She loves art house and films by Sorrentino. Her dream is to release her own album and perform with Grzegorz Turnau.

Members: Marta Misztal (piano), Cecylia Chinek (violin), Klara Chinek (viola), Sylwester Suwała (bass), Wacław Zieliński (drums/guitar)

16:45 – Daniel Koszyk & Karol Kolor Gadzało – Emelenty
The duet Daniel Koszyk and Karol Gadzało will present their newest songs, that all together make up “Emelenty”. Daniel is a semi-finalist of 11th edition of “Must be the music”, he also took part in the final concert “Spragnieni Lata” along with Tymon Tymański, Brodka, Natalia Przybysz or Krzysztof Zalewski. Karol, in turn, is an experienced musician and a member of such bands as Miąższ, Pogodno, Kolor Squad, Bielas and Koty Papieża, and recently Siostry Łotry.

17:30 - The Underground Man
The Underground Man was established in 2014. It is a British-Polish band of four musicians living in Lublin. Its members are: Gafyn Davies (vocal, guitar), Dorota Turkiewicz (keys), Darek Hanaj (drums), Radek Barszcz (bass). The band’s music is an amalgamation of widely differing musical styles, with each of the members coming from different musical backgrounds. The result is a mixture of raw tones that cohort with dashing synth melodies dark landscapes waltz with thumping rhythms.