Music IN: Creator, Artist, Producer – basic legal matters


This workshop series requires registration. Registration form is available online. 

The number of places is limited. To be eligible you must be a part of the music industry. Applications are processed in the order they are received. 

During the meeting, our knowledge will expand to include familiarity with legal matters and we will learn who is entitled to what rights and in what kind of situations. How to register a song and receive royalties? What is the role of Collecting Society in legal relations? We will also discuss the most common legal issues in the music industry.

When: 29 June 2018,11:00-14:00
Where: Workshops of Culture in Lublin, Grodzka 5a – auditorium, 2nd floor

Instructors:  Bogusław Pluta (ZPAV, MExP), Marek Hojda (ZPAV, MExP) and Emilia Chojnowska (ZPAV lawyer)

Bogusław Pluta – graduate of SGH Warsaw School of Economics, director of OZZ ZPAV,
board member of Music Export Poland Foundation, represents Poland in Performance Rights Committee attached to IFPI.

Emilia Chojnowska – ZPAV lawyer, graduate of Law and Administration at UKSW in Warsaw. She has been associated with ZPAV since 2011. On a daily basis, she handles criminal and civil cases related to violations of phonographic record rights. She is interested in fields of law dedicated to the protection of intellectual property.

Marek Hojda – board member of ZAiKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers), graduate of Jazz at AM in Katowice arrangement, composition and vocals classes. He played keyboard instruments in such bands as De Mono, Emigranci, Surzyn Band, Oddział Zamknięty. As an arranger and producer, he also collaborated with Iza Trojanowska, Majka Jeżowska Kapitan Nemom Robert Chojnacki. He owns the recording studio Homar Music.