Music IN: Showcase festivals and songwriting camps

Showcase festivals and songwriting camps |  Marek Hojda –director of Music Export Poland

Marek Hojda – the director of Music Export Poland, board member of ZAiKS ( Polish Society of Authors and Composers), graduated in Jazz from the Academy of Music in Katowice in vocal class as well as arrangement and composition. He has played keyboard instruments in such bands as De Mono, Emigranci, Surzyn Band, Oddział Zamknięty. As an arranger and producer he also worked with Iza Trojanowska, Majka Jezowska, Kapitan Nemo, Robert Chojnacki. He owns the recording studio Homar Music. 

28.06 | 14.00–17.00 | Workshops of Culture, Grodzka 5a – 2nd floor, auditorium

The following hours are available: 14.00–14.30, 14.30–15.00, 15.00–15.30, 15.30–16.00, 16.00–16.30, 16.30–17.00