The band was formed in 1988 and its name comes from Jim Jarmush’s “Night on Earth”. The band has performed both all over Poland and abroad (Hungary, Ukraine). In 2006, the iconic label OBUH records released their debut album, entitled “Naczynia zespołem”. This material was recorded in Rogalów Analogowy Studio, using equipment from a bygone era. The album features a large portion of raw and “youthful” charm and a broad music spectrum, ranging from new wave – rock songs through humorous garage – progressive and psychedelic – guitar awesomeness sprinkled with saxophone. Naczynia have also created new instrumentation to the animated movies: “DOM” by W. Borowczyk and J.Lenica from 1958 and “LABIRYNT” by J. Lenica from 1982, which they perform live during screenings. These performances served as the basis for the second album recorded in Rogalów Anaglowy studio, currently pending release. At present, Naczynia focus on improvised compositions drawing from psychedelic rock, jazz, krautrock, post rock and the avant-garde of the 1950s and 1960s.