Nanga –  When the Polish supergroup Lao Che announced they were disbanding, many fans were taken aback and began to speculate what their favourite musicians would do next. Nature abhors a vacuum, as it turned out, and artists of this calibre were not planning on staying idly at home. Following last year’s concert of Spięty, another Lao Che member, the time has come to welcome the band Nanga to Lublin. Filip Różański –  keyboardist from Lao Che and Maciej Dzierżanowski (percussionist) formed the band, with Magda Dubrowska (from bands like Utrata Skład or Grang Śródmieście) on the microphone. At performances, they were eventually joined by saxophonist Karol Gola (who played in Lao Che and Pink Freud, among others). Nanga’s music is a fusion of sounds generated by samplers and other electronic instruments with live instrument sounds and Dubrowska’s distinctive vocal. Interesting lyrics and modern arrangements round out the package.

7.07.2022 | 19.15 | Festival Tent