Niemoc and guests


Niemoc is an instrumental trio offering a live, pulsating blend of shoegaze, post-punk, and dance music. They ironically call themselves „notorious first-timers” because despite having been active for seven years, they are still regarded as „young and gifted”. The band released a series of EPs throughout their first three years of existence before finally releasing their first album, „Baśnie” in April 2019. In October 2021, Niemoc released their second album, „Kilka najlepszych dni w życiu,” which featured the band’s characteristic instrumentals with energetic guitars and dynamic synthesisers, as well as vocals from Kacha Kowalczyk of Coals, Joanna Longi of Tęskno, Misia Furtak, and Michał Wiraszko of the band Muchy. However, one could boldly assert that Niemoc is most widely known for their live shows, which promises a truly unique experience at this year’s Different Sounds. Misia Furtak and Michał Wiraszko will join Niemoc on stage in Lublin as special guests.

9.07.2022 | 19.15 | Festival Tent