Keychange: NIMF


NIMF  is an Irish sugar-pop performance artist.  Whimsically singing while playing the theremin, her performance aesthetic transports you to a dreamy land full of symbols. It’s a non-material territory conjured up from retrogressive samples and electroacoustic soundscapes. Electronic music goes hand in hand with a unique vocal, and the whole thing is at times reminiscent of a mysterious, oneiric soundtrack to a non-existent film.

7.07.2022 | 18.00 | Festival Tent 


Keychange is a ground-breaking international initiative dedicated to achieving gender equality in the music business.  Every year, a group of women and gender minority artists and music industry professionals from 12 countries are selected to take part in a year-long development programme and later spearhead this global initiative in their countries and communities. This year, from over 590 applications, music industry experts have selected 76 emerging artists to take part in a year-long professional support programme. Different Sounds is Keychange’s partner; that’s why this year in Lublin, we will hear three female artists and meet three female innovators in the educational module of the festival.