Olo Walicki – Kaszebe in Armenia with special guest Zbigniew Namysłowski


Olo Walicki Kaszebe is a project famous for its uncompromising and innovative approach to the culture of Kaszubia. The band’s first and second record constitute a proof of their independent style and set new standards for the contemporary creative works of the region. The idea behind the project was to discover and explore the culture of Kaszubia and its basic values. The region’s music, history, customs and its environmental context have been analysed and deconstructed to liberate and subsequently unify all of their elements.

Following this path and searching for a new, modern interpretation of Armenian music, Olo Walicki decided to prepare a premiere material for the East of Culture – different Sounds Festival, which he is going to present with his band and a special musical guest – Zbigniew Namysłowski.

Powerful guitars and hit melodies played by an extended section of percussions, a contrabass and a trumpet will be accompanied by the cult improviser and saxophonist. Zbigniew Namysłowski is a prominent virtuoso, an artist famous for combining folk and ethnic music with jazz. For Olo Walicki, introducing Zbigniew Namysłowski to cooperate on a joint project is also a symbolic meeting with his Master. It was in his quartet that Olo learned valuable lessons and polished his musical talent for almost 10 years.

During the concert we will hear the new material inspired by Armenian folk and classical music with references to traditional religious songs – sharakan.