Orient Station: Observatory – exhibition


OBSERVATORY – an exhibition of utility objects made by design students from Ukraine

5-9 July 2017 | 11:00-19:00 | Labirynt Gallery 2, Grodzka 3

The exhibition stayed opene open until 15 July 2017 and could be accessed Monday-Saturday from 12:00-19:00

Organizer: Adam Mickiewicz Institute/,

Curator: MALAFOR Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski

OBSERVATORY is an exhibition showcasing the works produced by design students from Ukraine during workshops led by Agata Kulik-Pomorska and Paweł Pomorski, the founders of Malafor studio.

Under the watchful eyes of experienced designers, the students worked on creating utility objects inspired by the location of the workshop – far from the city, close to nature, on the border of two lands- Kociewie and Kashubia.

The works literally illustrate the idea of “Observatory” and include field observation points for photographers-observers, bird feeders allowing to watch birds, objects for luring nocturnal butterflies to observe them and “ears” to listen more closely to the sounds of nature. Other objects were meant to draw attention to human’s destructive activities, for instance, tools for measuring water levels in natural reservoirs. The students also produced objects to help fauna and flora – a sound buzzer to scare away animals during meadow mowing time, a personal hive and an object to collect and spread the wild plant seeds.

The workshops were organised in 2015 by as part of promoting Polish design all over the world.


● Nazar Dutko, A tool attached to farming machines, uses ultrasounds to scare away animals and save their lives

● Ievgenia Koval, A photo point. It can be placed in a particular place at particular coordinates

● Iryna Bilohan, This object has been created to measure water levels in rivers. It aims to show people that not only are water levels in rivers not increasing, but they can disappear.

● Vita Hrytsiuk, I have created a beehive. Every family could have one to help increase the bee population.


● Anton Diakonov, Mykyta Stepanenko, This project has been created to facilitate observing nocturnal butterflies, capture them, take pictures and release them. The project uses the fact that moths are drawn to light.


● Vladislav Fedorenko, This object symbolises the fact that humans could collect seeds without touching nature. Using a stone we make it possible for the wind to sow seeds as it sees fit and as it needs.


● Dmytro Komarov „My projects focuses on birds, or rather what they sing about


● Snezhana Zawalniuk „A bird feeder. Designed in a way to observe the birds and be a part of the natural landscape


● Jan Pfeifer, A tool for drying medicinal herbs