Orient Station: „The Fairy Tales of Russia” and „Ukrainian Dreams” – exhibition opening


“The Fairy Tales of Russia” – Ivan Semesyuk’s painting exhibition

The project “The Fairy Tales of Russia (2016) is a joint artistic project by Ivan Semesyuk’s and the Ukrainian writer Antin Mucharski. It is a reflection on Russian and Soviet mythology in the shape in which it functions in the post-Soviet area – beginning with old models from the USSR to current Russian myths of modernity (political, historical and social). It’s an act of artistic counterpropaganda, resistance against Russia-imposed terminology, an active attempt to uncover information attacks on Ukrainian conscience. The images for the project were created in 2016 and since then were shown on  Ukraine many times and garnered much interest both from the public and Ukrainian media.

“Ukrainian Dreams” – Ivan Semesyuk’s tapestry exhibition

The project „Ukrainian dreams” (2012) is a textile project that developed in 2012 when Ukraine was still relatively peaceful, even though historical changes were coming. The Ukrainian society had, on the one hand,  a strong sense of disappointment and, on the other hand, a feeling of approaching socio-political upheavals. The project “Ukrainian dreams” is one of many reflections and attempts to describe public opinion of the time but also a slightly chaotic approach to interpreting national heritage. Every work in this series reflects a specific cultural stereotype or myth about Ukraine, seen from the point of view of Ukrainians and their neighbours.

Ivan Semesyuk – born in Kiev, a painter, writer, art. curator, cultural activist and blogger. A sculptor by education. The author of such projects as”Tradition.Rebranding”, “Ukrainian Dreams” and “Funky Textile”. Together will the well-known artist Oleks Mann he curated a number of exhibitions and events in the underground gallery “Bacteria” that operated in Padoil in Kiev from 2012-2015.

OPENING and project presentation – 5 July 2017 / 18:00
6-9 July 2017 | 11:00-19:00 | „Gardzienice” Gallery,  Grodzka 5a
The exhibition will stay open until 28 July 2017 and can be accessed Monday-Friday from 10:00-16:00