Orient Station: “The Kievianer” – poster exhibition


6-10 July 2016, 12:00-01:00 | Festival Club, Błonia

“The Kievianer” –  Poster Exhibition  by  Art duo Ivan and Vasyl Kostenko

The Kievianer – is a series of posters dedicated to the heartbeat of the capital of Ukraine, created in a collage technique that has already become traditional for the two brothers. The works in this series combine photographs of key Ukrainian symbols, scans of old prints dated from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as elements of authentic Ukrainian artworks and watercolours. Precisely this combination of retro design and modern technologies that are used in the process, gives a sense of synergy of different time periods. This changes not only the interpretation of history, but most importantly its coexistence. While searching for a new form of visual interpretation the brothers don’t privatize the content of what they are illustrating.

Ivan and Vasily do not give much attention to chronology, as the only thing that it dictates is hierarchy. The brothers integrate symbols from different time periods, creating not only a timeless Kievan, but also a Ukrainian community in their works. In this series, Ivan and Vasyl use the textures of stone, marble, and fresco. One is able to find the presence of an average person within a fixed heroic or religious image – a face, a hand, a smile, all with the help of photography. This approach also eliminates an artificial historical hierarchy. It helps to rethink one’s relationship with Princess Olga, the Vladimirska Hill and Ukrainian land. In this way the brothers illustrate the transition from distance to unity that has occurred since last November in Kyiv. The images in this series are eloquent in their simplicity and authenticity.

The Kiev of the Kostenko brothers is beautiful. They don’t tend to idealize the city, keeping it down to earth with its burned tires, dark colours and pensive bent icons. And yet, it is full of design sophistication, ages and topographies intertwined and the presence of the ever living Ukrainian authenticity. Using powerful symbols of the earth and heart, birds and cathedrals, they provide a powerful image of a strong foundation and an eloquently silent confidence that the future brings better things to all.

Braty are an art duo consisting of the twins Vasyl and Ivan Kostenko.  With a vision and sense of time characteristic to them they create original and modern works. Journeys provide endless inspiration for their work and innovative ideas. Working as  duo and complementing each other harmonizes their activities and is a mark of their success.  Through experimenting participating in different projects and organizing their own exhibitions, Braty want to shift the borders of visual art.