Orient Station – ”Urban-Sketching” – workshop


Sketching in public places gives enormous possibilities of entering into constructive interactions with the surroundings.  The drawings are usually made with a fineliner and subsequently filled with watercolours.  This technique is used mostly by people who want to  perpetuate holiday memories , journeys, etc. The workshop will be built around the instructors’ ideas about sketching and will aim to develop the participants’ desire and ability to explore urban space through conquering the fear of an empty sheet. Such an approach makes sketches unique and sincere.  The workshop will consist of a thirty minute-long introductory lecture, a few short  drawing exercises and the main body of the class will be devoted to the exploratory sketching   of  festival spaces.


Lera Sxemka – a visual artist from Kiev. Co-founder of the Urban Sketching Project Kyiv  (,  that groups together people who want to draw the surrounding world.  This is not just about capturing something on paper, but about getting to know the subject, feeling it and making it your own. This is how Lera works on her projects, always trying to express herself through her own visual language. She  currently works as a freelancer creating illustrations, graphic designs, designing books and doing motion design.

Max Pavlyuk –  graphic designer from Kiev. He is  creative and ambitious and explores urban spaces. As WE BAD, he conducts collage workshops.

Registration:  from 6 July 2016 via e-mail to   The mail should state your full name and contact number. The number of places is limited. The submissions will be processed in the order they are received.

8-9 July 2016, 15:00-21:00 | Festival Club, Błonia