Papa Bo Selektah

Papa Bo aka Alexander Bogdanov is a Byelorussian DJ, producer, manager, animator of cultural life in Minsk and a powerhouse on the local music scene.

This is how he defines himself in an invitation to his show:

„A top player of the Byelorussian music underground, musical director of Silver Wedding, Kassiopeja, RockerJoker as well as of other Byelorussian musical freaks. Papa Bo is coming straight to you to give you a taste of the finest hot plate of hip hop, techno, Balkan pipes, rave, ska, disco, bossa nova and songs of every nation imaginable! Raise your hands into the sky, don’t be shy! Clap your hands and stomp your feet!”

Watch videos:

12 July 2014 01:00 | Festival club, Błonia