Personal Dimension of Music, or how to find more pleasure in listetning | Workshops

What’s the difference between hearing and listening to music. What is sound perception, and what aspects should we consider when we want to be an aware music lover? What to spend more time on: listening to music or looking for the perfect sound? To what extent the decision to buy new music equipment is dictated by a “dopamine high” and to what extent it results from a conscious choice of media and audio equipment? How does music affect the quality of life? We will look for answers to these and several other questions in the new workshop series to take place in December and January in Workshops of Culture under the auspices of Different Sounds Festival.

The workshops aim at providing the participants with basic knowledge and answering questions about what to do to make listening to music more personal. The participants will gain practical knowledge that will help them choose media and audio equipment adapted to individual needs and conditions of listening that are dependent or independent from us. The workshops also aim at showing to what extent music can improve the quality of life and health of the listeners. Together with our guests, who deal with various aspects of sounds, including equipment and therapy, we will consider what to pay attention to and how to celebrate music to feel its colours, shades, details and tones. In the meetings, we will confront our own, subjective feelings with scientific knowledge and find all ways to find more pleasure in listening to music.


  • They will gain practical skills in finding their way around music standards, formats, terms helpful in making conscious choices in purchasing equipment, albums and recordings.
  • They will gain practical advice concerning testing the state of records, recognizing defects of the vinyl or CD. They will learn to assess the real value of records and audio equipment.
  • They will learn to describe their favourite sounds to select equipment and media for individual expectations without overpaying.
  • They will learn how to read and understand the review of audio equipment and what results from it.
  • Access to artefacts, materials, knowledge and the opportunity to talk to experienced specialists will allow them to use the gained knowledge in everyday life.
  • The will learn to what extent music improves their quality of life and how to make it more personal.
  • When: 3 and 10 December 2019 and 16 and 30 January 2020, 18.00-20. Price: 30 pln per person. The workshops require registration via our online forms, they are Polish only.

The workshops will cover such topics as:

  • Format, media, techniques of producing and playing music — a journey from the beginnings of phonography till now. How it all changed over the years —snapshots from history
  • Why vinyl records, why CDs, why streaming, why cassettes—why is it worthwhile to choose each of them?
  • Perception of reception, or what affects the selection of optimal conditions and audio systems.
  • Music, emotions and reptilian brain, or the influence of our music on our life, health, cognition.


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