Plug & Play

Plug & Play – a Polish band formed following indie rock revival in Lublin. They have released several albums, EPs, and have given a number of gigs in Poland and abroad. Currently, their style, rooted in typically cold-wave and dance-punk vibes, is energetic alternative music based on indie pop sounds and catchy tunes. In 2012, the band released the debut album „Why so Close?” which was very well received by music journalists in Poland and abroad. The band has performed at the most important festivals in Poland: Opener Festival, OFF Festival or Jarocin Festival, where they were awarded a distinction. The artists visited, among others, Germany (Berlin) and were invited to Paris to EuroMusic Contest 2014. Their new album is set to launch in autumn 2018. The band’s members are: Kuba Majsiej (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Wojciech Papierz (bass), Wojciech Bernatowicz (synthesizer), Maciej Stachyra (percussion), Luiza Orpik (vocals, guitar).