A female folk-punk band with a unique sound and feminist element in their lyrics. The shortest way to define them is fem-power-jazzy-punk discussing women and their issues. Pochwalone’s current line-up is: the bassist Małgorzata “Tekla” Tekiel (known from such bands as Będzie Dobrze or Pudelsi), the percussionist Dominika Korzeniecka and the vocalist Dominika “Nika” Domczyk, the former or current front woman of such bands as R.U.T.A, Morus or Post Regiment. The artists draw inspiration both from traditional folk texts and contemporary poetry. As they say, “We reach for poems by contemporary poets and combine them with the lyrics of little known old songs performed by village women. We deconstruct popular traditional lyrics to put them together again and give them new meanings. Rebellious lyrics and emotions pulsate under the hoarse layer of music: a combination of bass and percussion section and vocals.”