Premieres: concert: Javva + Videocast: Postpunk

Another Friday without a concert? Not with us. We’ve prepared two releases for you:

  • The fifth episode of the Videodictionary of Polish Music Phenomena. This time, we will talk about post-punk.
  • The full, official video footage from Javva’s online concert at Different Sounds 2020!

▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼ Premiere: videocast – Polish Music: post-punk and concert: Javva. When: Friday, 5 February 2020, starting at 18.30 Where:  here or our Youtube channel
Friday, 05.02, 18.30 | Videocast:


Friday, 05.02, 19.15 | Javva online – Different Sounds Zone


The Videodictionary of Polish Music is a series of videocasts introducing different music styles and genres associated with the Polish alternative music scene. It accompanies a concert series, thus creating a colourful tale about Polish music. Our guides around the labyrinths of sounds and styles will be experts from the music industry, journalists and event producers.



A band consisting of acclaimed musicians of Polish jazz and alternative scene who come from such bands as Contemporary Noise Sextet, Alameda, Duży Jack, Hokei, Something Like Elvis, Opla or Xenony. In Javva, the artists have taken on dance music in their own original way without cutting off their avant-garde roots. The effect is excellent and combines African and oriental rhythms with avant-rock, psychedelic music, or noise. Their debut album „Balance of Day” became one of last year’s music highlights in Poland.