Re-locations – official opening

The exhibition presents the variable artistic geography which is a part of the contemporary debate on the categories of „locality” and „globality”, on joining and demarking cultural borders, on the migration of meanings, confronting „the East” and „the West” as a function, and also on defining the nature of the Castle Hill and the collections of the Lublin Museum. It aims to interpret the importance of border areas and their changing meanings in the contemporary language of museum exhibitions. It addresses the problem of identity, the integrity of places, but also of its dispersion, of modeling meanings in relation to other places and historical conditions.

The exhibition will present works related to the diverse interpretation of the category of „place” – real and imagined, while emphasizing the variable visual conventions and their transgressions. The exhibition’s title refers to the relocations of museum objects, as well as to the changing artistic tropes related to the category of landscape and place. It presents the transformations of visual conventions and the stability of artistic topos. The exhibition covers four topics: „Place: the artist studio”, „Image: from the classical beauty of nature to the aesthetics of the image”, „Vision: light and colour”, „Rift: between the inside and the outside”.

The „Re-locations” exhibition is planned as a framework for the presentation of the collection of the Lublin Museum. It includes both works of modern and contemporary art and raises the problem of landscape images in the context of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century art. It presents a scope of references to the theme of space, familiarity, but also imagination, fantasy.

Landscape motifs were a part of the Romantic category of scenic beauty and took different meanings in the history of art: a symbolic landscape, internal landscape, and, finally, a „place” as defined by the existential themes, which focus on the problem of seeing and subject identity.

„Re-locations” will feature works by artists such as: Olga Boznańska, Józef Pankiewicz, Władysław Podkowiński, Wojciech Kossak, Jan Stanisławski, Aleksander Gierymski, Tymon Niesiołowski, Andrzej Wróblewski, Piotr Potworowski, Józef Czapski, Teresa Pągowska, Jacek Sempoliński, Agata Grzeszykowska, Paweł Korbus, Grzegorz Kowalski, Laura Pawela, Paulina Sadowska, Lucjan Demidowski, Zygmunt Rytka, Mikołaj Smoczyński, Rajmund Ziemski.

Curators: Jacek Jaźwierski, Marcin Lachowski

When: The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 8 July 2015 at 18:00.
Between 9-12 July 2015 the exhibition will be open from 10:00 to 18:00.
„Re-locations”  (The Lublin Museum – The Lublin Castle, 9 Zamkowa Street)