Rimbaud – Trzaska/Budzyński/Jacaszek


Three exceptional artists from the alternative scene meet in a joint project to recreate and redefine the works of Arthur Rimbaud.

Each of the members of the Rimbaud project is a one-man-institution on the Polish music market. Their joint project constitutes a perfect mixture of their talents and capabilities. There are phenomenal electronic sounds by Jacaszek, amazing vocals by Budzyński and daring saxophone parts by Trzaska. It is truly difficult to imagine a more fitting quintessence of our avant-garde music. As the artists themselves state: „Project Rimbaud is a musical response to the works of the French poet which provoke artists to search for sound equivalents of limitless spaces, intimate whispers, obsessive repetitions and crushing sea waves.”

 11 July 2015, 20:30 | the Błonia Stage