Shy Albatross

Shy Albatross is the latest project by Raphael Rogiński (Poland’s top guitar player). The project is a medium that combines diverse musical cultures and incorporates lyrics inspired by a host of American traditions and regions. Interestingly, the lyrics treat of a woman, often facing an extreme situation. The history and culture of the United States is the connector between the texts and the notes, combining both the dramas and the hopes of women arriving in the New World willingly or under coercion as slaves. Engaging and thought-provoking, Shy Albatross makes an intriguing listen as a combination of blues, country, folk and other less easily defined roots-oriented genres of music. The instruments employed by the musicians reflect the project’s journey into sound. We will hear among others mandolin, vibraphone and dulcimer. The will be blues, followed by the music reminiscent of Africa, Irish romances and the vibes from the most far-flung corners of prairie.

To complete his musical vision, Rogiński has invited Poland’s most accomplished players, including vocalist Natalia Natu Przybysz (Sistars), superb vibraphonist Miłosz Pękala and one of the most gifted percussionists of his generation – Hubert Zemler. The official unveiling of the project will take place during the East of Culture – Different Sounds Festival.