Serhiy Zhadan & Sobaki w Kosmosie (Dogs in Space)

Founded in 2000, the band almost instantly became a ska sensation in the home city of Kharkiv. Before long, promoting their „erotic SKA”, they made a name for themselves all over Ukraine.

Experienced concert entertainers, in 2003 Sobaki w Kosmosie recorded their debut album entitled „Va_i”. Their most recent LP is called „Gruppa ishet producera” („The Group is on the lookout for a producer”).

In Lublin Sobaki will be accompanied by Serhiy Zhadan – poet, prose writer, performer, film director who draws on the Ukrainian poetic traditions (primarily futurism), punk culture and the industrial symbolism of modern urbanscape.

Critically acclaimed, Zhadan is a laureate of numerous literary awards. His works have been widely translated.